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12 x Walther acid-free oversize photo tabs (500) * BULK DEAL *

24 x Walther acid-free oversize double-sided photo mounts from The Photo Album Shop www.photoalbumshop.com.auWalther oversize photo tabs 500, very high quality, acid-free, made in Denmark

SAVE 20% off single item price with this Walther 500 Oversize Photo Tabs 12-PACK

Walther 500 oversize photo tabs are a secure, quick and efficient way to mount your photographs. Simply stick a tab in the corners on the back of your photo, lift off the covering paper, and stick your photos down into any album.

These Walther photo tabs are oversize (13mm x 17mm), so they give you more than DOUBLE the surface area of regular tabs, and they feature a strong, high quality adhesive which will hold photos securely, and won't degrade over time. These high-quality double-sided photo mounts (also sometimes known as photo splits) are made in Denmark to very high quality standards.

Tabs are small pieces of pre-cut double-sided tape on a dispenser roll, and they provide a very secure mount. Simply attach a tab into each corner of the back of your photo, peel off the backing paper, then turn your photo over and press it down into your album.  Each pack contains 500 permanent acid-free oversize photo tabs in an easy-to-use dispenser packet - just pull the backing paper to easily dispense the next tab, ready for use.

These are 12 packets of Walther acid-free oversize photo tabs (FT500S), containing a TOTAL of 6,000 double-sided adhesive tabs.


Walther acid-free oversize photo tabs (500) single pack
6 x Walther acid-free oversize photo tabs (500) = 3,000 tabs; save 10%

Walther acid-free photo tabs (1000) for greater economy




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